My names Matt Schutter, Owner and Wrought Iron Artist. Im a father of 4 and married. Grew up in Orange County California surfing, snoboarding, photographing and camping. SchuVega Ironworks started in 2005. I started welding a small project in a new developement in Diamond Bar Ca. It was a driveway gate. Im convinced that I executed the project with exellence, as a result i was awarded 3 more projects. 12 years later I have done hundreds since then.


SchuVega Ironwork wrought iron design prides itself in our simple idea,

“From Concept to Reality”

To begin we offer a free consultation conveniently at your home. While we gather information about what you want to achieve, we also collect ideas from your homes decor. Furthermore we also consider the homes style to determine the type of wrought iron necessary.

With attention to detail we soon get to the drawing board. To begin with we draw a sample of the wrought iron to scale using Illustrator sofware. As a result you get an perfect drawing of what you will be receiving.